(1) use of laser beauty industry more widely. By producing high-energy laser, accurate focusing, has a penetration of monochromatic light, the role of human tissues and locally produce high heat to achieve the purpose of the removal or destruction of the target tissue, a variety of different wavelengths of pulsed laser to treat each species and vascular skin pigmentation, such as Ota, port wine stains, freckles, age spots, telangiectasia, etc., as well as to the tattoo, wash lines, washing eyebrow, scar treatment; and in recent years some new laser, high energy ultra-pulsed CO2 laser, erbium laser wrinkles, dermabrasion peels, treatment of snoring, teeth whitening, etc., and achieved good results for laser surgery to open up more and wider area.


(2) laser surgery traditional surgical incomparable superiority. First, laser surgery does not require hospitalization, surgical incision, surgery is not bleeding, mild trauma, no scar. For example: bags under the traditional surgical method of treatment due to the existence of a wide range of peeling, blood loss, postoperative healing slow, easy scarring and other shortcomings, and the application of ultra-high energy pulsed CO2 laser treatment of bags under the eyes, it places no intraoperative bleeding, without suture, does not affect the normal operation, the surgical site edema, fast recovery, no scar, etc., so that the traditional surgery can not be compared. Some endoscopic procedures because the bleeding can not be carried out, can be replaced by a laser cutting is completed. (Note: There is some scope to adapt)


(3) laser vascular skin pigmentation and treatment effectiveness of excellence. The use of pulsed dye laser treatment of port wine stains, a significant effect on the surrounding tissue damage, scar hardly fall. It emerged as a revolution in the history of the treatment of PWS, PWS because the history of therapy, radiation, freezing, electrocautery, surgery and other methods, the high incidence of scarring, and often appear depigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Laser treatment of vascular skin is the use of oxygenated hemoglobin absorption of certain wavelengths of laser selectivity, which led to destruction of highly vascular tissue, which has a high degree of accuracy and safety, it does not affect the adjacent surrounding tissue. Therefore, the laser treatment of telangiectasia is a significant effect.


Further, since the variable pulse laser, one after another, so satisfied with the removal of tattoos, and various skin diseases such as the treatment of pigmented nevus, age spots, etc. has been a major breakthrough. Such selective photothermal effect laser according to the theory (that is, different wavelengths of laser selectively act on different colors of skin lesions), using its powerful instant power, radiation energy and pigment selectively highly concentrated, very short pulse wide, the laser energy is concentrated on the role of pigment granules, it directly vaporized, crushed, excreted through the lymphatic tissue, without affecting the surrounding normal tissue, and its effective, safe and reliable, no scars, pain and enjoys popular support.



(4) medical cosmetic laser surgery to create a new era. Ultra-high-energy pulsed CO2 laser resurfacing resurfacing technology has opened up new cosmetic surgery. It uses high-energy, very short laser pulses, so that aging, damaged skin tissue is vaporized instantly, without damaging surrounding tissue, almost no bleeding during the treatment, and precise control of the depth effect. The effect of the international medical cosmetic industry fully affirmed, known as "creating a new era of medical cosmetic"; In addition, more high energy ultra-pulsed CO2 laser treatment of bags under the eyes, snoring, and even laser teeth whitening, with its precise safety effect, simple and efficient treatment in the medical beauty industry has created a miracle. Laser beauty medical beauty makes a big step forward, and impart medical cosmetic update content.