Because it is out of the sun, an umbrella can be easily

Wrong! Do not naively believe that block the sunlight will not be tanned. Even if you hide under the umbrella of the sun is less than the sun, UV rays still sharp unceremoniously through the umbrella and kiss your skin. This is why often MM shouted: "I have to go out an umbrella ah, how still dark!" Did not abandon sunscreen umbrella bar, rainy days can also be used with, Sunny Lane, we must choose paint coated with sunscreen umbrella to better protect your skin yo.

Sun umbrella will love beautiful

Wrong! Amy MM love all beautiful things, Photorejuvenation   beautiful clothes, beautiful shoes, bags and so beautiful, even sun umbrella also go out as necessary accessories, but also neat. There are lace, dots, color pictures, all kinds of tricks, everything. However, the price to pay is a beautiful, beautiful sun umbrella let you pay but pretty face yo. When the thought of a nice sun umbrella hidden under a black face is increasingly aging, the must have made you mad.

Good colors bring a good mood

Wrong! In the market, we can easily find, bright colors umbrella always selling particularly well. Admittedly, bright colors will indeed bring a good mood, but the bright color sunscreen sun umbrella will give yo bring a good mood, your skin against the sun is smiling brightly it! In fact, the deeper the color sun umbrella UV better the effect, such as black, navy, dark green than the light blue, light pink, light yellow and so on more effective fight against UV rays. (Formerly the smartest foreigners, almost all of their umbrella all black.)

The smaller more portable umbrella

Wrong! Market, more and more female sun umbrella continuous improvement to small and convenient. Yes, a small umbrella, with easy do not take place, however, the small size means that the scope of protection is small, and it will have more skin exposed to the sun. Moreover, there will be a fabric shrinkage characteristics, already small umbrella and then shrink it even more incredible! So, buy sun umbrella, umbrella should be big not small.


Too cheap sun umbrella credible. A quality clearance, anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella, at least be cost tens of dollars, so those umbrella sunscreen spend a few dollars to buy is very doubtful.

See SPF buy. Most manufacturers will be laser wrinkle whitening  in regular umbrellas hang out "UV inspection report" a small sign, but also hang out "SPF" of listed, clearly tell consumers umbrella SPF. Only the words "UV protection" or its umbrella did not identify the suspects had fake.