Mole: easy to grow in the face of unsightly blemishes

Almost Jie mole people,  Laser hair removal machine  if long pale face, will be particularly unexpected eyesore. Experts, mole in medicine known as nevi, it is due to the increase in local skin melanocytes accumulate into nests or lumps formed. Beautiful mole on the impact of the past, often frozen using liquid nitrogen, chemical peel and other methods to get rid of, but these methods are difficult to grasp the depth, easy to leave or get rid of scars after treatment is not complete, and now has been basically eliminated. At present, more ideal method is the application of laser therapy.

Eradication measures: super pulsed CO2 laser

Experts now advanced ultra-pulsed CO2 laser is a good choice to get rid of the mole, the treatment, the tremendous energy it immediately burst can achieve effective tissue vaporization remove moles purposes. While laser treatments can also stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, making skin restore elasticity, under normal circumstances they will not leave a scar, nor will it have any effect on the nerve.

After laser tattoo removal mole take proper care of the treated area, no makeup, not wet, usually 7-10 days will scab, scab film off naturally be to restore the original color. Most moles laser treatment can get rid of once, deep moles do not get rid of 1-time, but should be divided into multiple treatments, each time interval of at least two and a half months, so you can survive scarring.

Face a long chloasma, she was pleasantly surprised to find close to face winter with spot light in color compared to some. In fact, Wang is not a secret surprise women, there are a lot of long chloasma, pigmentation or female friend may have this feeling: the face of the deep spot color in the winter, but cold day will be shallow a lot of light. Dermatologist explained that this is due to the cool weather of the winter sun is far from strong, centralized in this season conditioning speckle whitening, skin whitening will not be the second year of the sun completely destroyed, so now it is the speckle relatively good season, at present, there is the use of whitening products, traditional Chinese medicine speckle laser speckle several common ways more popular speckle method, the beauty of women may wish to organize a whitening "eradication battle", the skin becomes white and tender white tender it.

Now many have whitening day cream night cream features, although they are not straightforward speckle, but at least give your skin to make a good foundation. Whitening itself is a process of purification, it makes melanin from the skin cells fall off, the skin surface becomes clean at the same time, naturally also need to add water and other nutrients to care. So use Whitening products, while better use of supplementary water emulsion. Cells operating at night than during the day much more active, if at night to add moisture and nutrients to cells, can rapidly through the intercellular transmission, faster skin cells deep in search of moisture and nutrients to reach the skin moist, bright, tender slip and ergonomics. 

Healthy white, was nursed back to health from the inside out, a lot of people face long spot really are due to endocrine problem. Handed down for thousands of years in Chinese medicine has a lot of this oral prescription. In addition and the like, now, this type of herbal elements are also greatly used in skin care products among natural root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit essence for raw materials, which absorb the active ingredient,  SHR Hair Removal  particularly its effect to stimulate the human body its swap, repair, balance function to accommodate fluctuations within the body, changes in the external environment, from the inside out to improve skin quality, close to the ideal state. Complete performance of the "natural", "fresh", "health" of the three views.

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