In 1960 American physicist Maiman invented the first laser,

And in  La depilación láser de la máquina  the medical field it has been widely used, play an important role. Laser (Laser), having a good directivity, high brightness, good color and good coherence characteristics, and these characteristics determine the time when the laser irradiation to produce a series of organisms can interact with biological effects, namely reflection, scattering , conduction and absorption. It is due to these biological effects of laser light in the field of rapid development of medical and cosmetic laser for water, hemoglobin and melanin and other groups with special sensitivity and targeting absorbent, its efficacy than dermabrasion, freezing, chemical peel effect all good, but inevitably the skin lesions or damage is relatively large, it also limits the period of time in the field of cosmetic laser applications.

With advances in technology, laser beauty equipment for larger problems the damage has also been further improved, pigmentation laser to help patients with one face pigmented spots stain removal method, and the laser to pigmentation spots through long-term clinical practice is a relatively safe method currently considered medically. The principle of laser pigmentation is due to the different types of lasers produce different colors of light, only a specific wavelength of the laser is absorbed by the pigment of the appropriate color. Therefore, medical institutions to use a large laser beam intensity, the dye faded, in order to achieve the purpose of the removal of pigmented spots. And only diseased cells only absorb a specific laser, and normal skin tissue is not subjected to injury. During the operation, the surgeon will have to be subject to the same feeling of acupuncture without the use of narcotic drugs.

Laser for pigmentation treatment time is relatively short, but up to about ten minutes. After the end of each treatment, the skin should be a metabolic processes, for which laser to pigmentation  Equipo láser de depilación  treatment interval majority of three months. Depending on the size of pigmented and vascular lesions, the number and depth of some one or two will be able to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, usually need 4-6 times in order to completely solve the problem.

Fold advantage


1. freckle immediate effect.


2. while improving various skin blemishes.


3. Remove spots, skin whitening, eliminate small wrinkles.


4. do not need hospitalization.


5. Do not bleeding, trauma light.




1. The light-sensitive can not do.


2. pregnant women can not do.


3. After the treatment must pay attention to sun.


4. The operation will have the same feeling of acupuncture.


5. wound scab infection.


To sun and use sunscreen 6. Within three months.